The Benefits of Living Hinges

Living hinges by Monroe Engineering

When most people think of hinges, they envision a traditional metal hinge consisting of two leafs and a knuckle. Most hinges use this design. They have two rectangular-shaped leafs, which are joined together by a pin to form a rotating knuckle in the center. Some hinges, though, consist of a single piece of material without any knuckles or a pin. Known as living hinges, they are typically made of plastic. Living hinges offer several benefits, some of which are revealed below.


Rust isn’t a concern with living hinges. While traditional hinges are almost always made of metal, living hinges are made of an elastic material like plastic or rubber. With their elastic construction, they are immune to rust. They don’t contain any metal, so they can’t rust, nor can they corrode. The same can’t be said for traditional hinges. Traditional hinges are usually made of metal, which can rust or corrode when exposed to oxygen.


Living hinges are long-lasting. They can withstand many years of use without degrading. Traditional hinges often have a shorter lifespan. They create more friction due to their hard-constructed leafs. Over time, this friction can wear down a traditional hinge to the point where it needs replacing. If you’re tired of constantly replacing your hinges, you may want to invest in living hinges.

No Squeaking

You won’t encounter any annoying squeaking noises with living hinges. Squeaking noises typically only occur with traditional hinges. When opening or closing a traditional hinge, the two leafs will move. This movement can cause squeaking noises. While living hinges can move as well, they don’t create squeaking noises. They offer a near-silent method of operation, which is one more reason to consider choosing living hinges.


Living hinges are highly customizable. They are more customizable, in fact, than traditional hinges. This is because all living hinges are made of a single piece of material, whereas traditional hinges consist of two individual leafs that are held together by a pin. With only a single piece of material, living hinges can be customized in just about any shape and size.


Another benefit of living hinges is aesthetics. They are naturally attractive thanks to their use of an elastic material. Living hinges don’t have any sharp points or corners. Rather, they are all made of a single piece of elastic material, resulting in a smooth and attractive appearance.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth explanation going over living hinges, watch our recent living hinge video.

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