The Benefits of Nitrile O-Rings: What You Should Know

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Nitrile is commonly used in the construction of seals, including O-rings. Nitrile O-rings are ring-shaped seals. They are made of nitrile, which is an elastomer that’s able to expand and contract in response to temperature changes. It’s essentially a  copolymer of butadiene and acrylonitrile. While O-rings are available in other materials, nitrile O-rings offer some attractive benefits.

Oil Resistant

When sealing oil hoses and passages, you may want to use nitrile O-rings. They offer excellent resistance to oil. They won’t damage or degrade. Even when directly exposed to oil over an extended period, nitrile O-rings will continue to seal the hose or passage with which they are used.

Heat Resistant

You don’t have to worry about heat damaging nitrile O-rings. As an elastomer, nitrile can withstand hot temperatures. Some nitrile O-rings, in fact, can withstand temperatures of up to 135 degrees Celsius. For sealing applications in which heat is a concern, you may want to choose nitrile O-rings for their heat-resistant properties.

Readily Available

Nitrile O-rings are readily available. They are one of the most common types of O-rings. More O-rings are made of nitrile than any other elastomer. With their widespread, nitrile O-rings are inexpensive and easy to find, thus making them a popular choice among businesses.

Supports Compounding

Nitrile O-rings can be compounded. When compounded, the properties of nitrile O-rings will change. You can use compounding to increase their resistance to sunlight, for example. By default, nitrile O-rings boast a low level of protection against the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Compounding, though, will increase their UV protection. If you’re planning to use them outdoors where they will be exposed to the sun, compounding can extend the life of your nitrile O-rings.

Chemical Resistant

Another benefit of nitrile O-rings is chemical resistance. They are highly resistant to chemicals. Like all O-rings, nitrile O-rings are typically used around the mating surfaces of hoses. These hoses may carry chemicals, such as fuel, oil or coolant. While chemicals may degrade other types of O-rings, they won’t interfere with the function of nitrile O-rings. Nitrile O-rings will continue to seal the hose while preventing the chemical from leaking out of the hose.

Strong and Durable

You can rest assured knowing that nitrile O-rings are strong and durable. When exposed to heat and/or pressure, they will expand. As the heat and/or pressure goes away, they will contract. Under normal operations, nitrile O-rings will repeat these cycles without succumbing to damage.

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