Trump’s Re-Election Campaign Publishes New Video Touting American Manufacturing

the-white-house-1623005_960_720When Donald Trump was still campaigning to be the 45th President of the United States, he was touting plans to revive the American manufacturing industry. Since then, he’s worked with some of the country’s leading manufacturers while encouraging the public to “buy American, hire American.” More recently, though, President Trump’s re-election campaign has published a new video showcasing the executive orders enacted by Trump.

The video, which you can watch below, takes a closer look at a small locally owned and operated manufacturing company in Green Bay, Wisc. Medalcraft Mint Inc. produces a wide range of products, including medals, medallions, pins, lapels and similar items. Additionally, Medalcraft Mint Inc. produces “Make America Great Again” pins, with a portion of the proceeds going to Trump’s re-election campaign. The video highlights the practices of Medalcraft Mint Inc. while revealing commentary from two of the company’s employees and one apprentice.

I’ll be signing an executive order to expand apprenticeships and vocational training to help all Americans find a rewarding career, earn a real living, and support themselves and their families, and love going to work in the morning,” says Trump in the video.”Not only will our apprenticeships transform their lives, but they will also transform our lives in the truest sense.”

Video: Promises Made, Promises Kept

President Trump signed the executive order “Buy American, Hire American” in April. Among other things, the order creates new regulations regarding the employment of workers on visa programs for government jobs and contracts. The general idea behind the executive order is to encourage consumers to buy American-made products and employers to hire American citizens. One of the reasons why the American manufacturing industry has suffered in recent years is because of a phenomenon known as “reshoring,” which occurs when employers set up factories overseas to exploit cheap labor while paying less taxes. The “Buy American, Hire American” order seeks to tackle this problem head on.

Of course, the American Manufacturing industry has experienced a strong comeback as of late. In August, for instance, it expended at its fastest pace since 2011, according to data from the Institute of Supply Management (ISM). The ISM says the American manufacturing industry’s purchasing managers index increased to 58.8 points in August. This growth is attributed to several factors, the most influential being rising employment numbers and growing inventories.

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