Upgrade Your Pallet Jacks With a Drive Add-On

Pallet jack

Does your business use pallet jacks? Also known as pallet pumps, they are designed to lift and move pallets. You can slide a pallet jack underneath a loaded pallet, after which you can raise it by pumping the handle. Once raised off the ground, you can roll the pallet jack.

While pallet jacks are simple, though, they are somewhat laborious. You’ll still have to manually roll them. But there are drive add-ons available that eliminate the need for manual rolling.

What Is a Drive Add-On?

A drive add-on is a packaged, motorized system that’s designed for use with a manual pallet jack. It will essentially convert just about any standard, manual pallet jack into a motorized pallet jack.

Standard pallet jacks don’t feature a motor. They have a pair of forks that you can raise or lower by pumping a handle, and they have a set of wheels on the bottom. Regardless, you’ll have to push pallet jacks to move them. A drive add-on is a motorized system for pallet jacks.

Benefits of Using Drive Add-Ons

With a drive add-on, you won’t have to push pallet jacks to move them. It will upgrade the pallet jacks with a motor. The PowerPallet 2000 drive add-on, for instance, features a brushless DC motor. It has a top speed of 3.7 mph in Warehouse Mode and 1.5 mph in Truck Mode. Thanks to its brushless DC motor, it will propel the pallet jacks forward automatically; you won’t have to do any pushing.

You can run the PowerPallet 2000 either forward in reverse. If you need to back up, you can toggle the PowerPallet 2000 to reverse. Its brushless DC motor supports both forward and reverse, and you can toggle between these two modes as needed.

The PowerPallet 2000 also runs on rechargeable a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery. It features a 9-pound Li-ion battery that supports quick charging. After depleting the battery, you can charge it to 80% capacity in about two hours.

You won’t have to frequently replace the battery, either. All Li-ion batteries have a finite lifespan. The PowerPallet 2000’s Li-ion battery, though, offers roughly 400 charge cycles on average. In other words, you should be able to charge the battery 400 times. Even then, the battery may continue to work.

In Conclusion

If you’re tired of pushing around heavy pallet jacks, you may want to upgrade them with a drive add-on. Drive add-ons are packaged, motorized systems that will convert manual pallet jacks into motorized pallet jacks.

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