What Are Adjustable Glides and How Do They Work?

Adjustable glide by Monroe Engineering

Adjustable glides offer a simple yet effective solution for unbalanced furniture, machines and equipment. When attached, they’ll prevent the respective object from tipping. Furniture, machines and equipment, of course, are typically designed to be balanced when standing upright. There are instances, however, in which they may tip over. Vibrations can cause them to tip over. Damage can also cause them to tip over. To prevent this from happening, you may want to use adjustable glides.

Overview of Adjustable Glides

Also known as leveling pads or leveling feet, adjustable glides are feet attachments for furniture, machines and equipment. They consist of a flat, circular-shaped base with a threaded rod in the center. You can install adjustable glides on the four bottom corners of a piece of furniture, a machine or a piece of equipment. Once adjusted, they will balance the respective object by making it level.

You can find adjustable glides in a variety of materials, some of which include the following:

  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Zinc
  • Plastic

How Adjustable Glides Work

How do adjustable glides work exactly? If you inspect the bottom of them, you’ll notice they are flat. These flat bases are designed to balance furniture, equipment and machines. Instead of placing the respective object directly on the ground, you can attach adjustable glides to it. The flat bases of the adjustable glides will then touch the ground while balancing the furniture, equipment or machine.

Most adjustable glides have a threaded rod. As shown in the photo above, the threaded rod is located in the center of an adjustable glide. To install an adjustable glide, you’ll need to insert this threaded rod into the threaded hole of an object. Assuming you install a complete set of four adjustable glides on the bottom corners of the object, they will make it balanced.

Benefits of Using Adjustable Glides

You can use adjustable glides to prevent furniture, equipment and machines from tipping over. Objects that aren’t level, of course, may tip over. This is particularly common with machines and equipment. In cases such as this, adjustable glides may be the answer. Installing the on the bottom of machines and equipment will make them level so that they don’t tip over.

Another benefit of using adjustable glides is less noise. Equipment and machines can produce a lot of noise. Adjustable glides won’t necessarily prevent them from making noise. They can, however, reduce noise. The adjustable glides will create a barrier between the piece of equipment or machine and the ground, resulting in less noise.

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