What Are Floor Brackets Used For?

Floor bracket by Monroe Engineering

Have you heard of floor brackets? Like most brackets, they are used to secure one surface to another surface. Floor brackets, however, are designed specifically for use on the floor. You can mount them to the floor using a threaded faster, after which you can secure another surface to them.

Because they are designed for floors, floor brackets are versatile. Some of the most common applications for floor brackets include the following.

Stabilizing Machinery

Floor brackets are used to stabilize machinery. Indoor workplaces often feature machinery, some of which may vibrate excessively during use. Over time, these vibrations can cause the machinery to shift from its original position. Excessive vibrations may even damage the machinery. Floor brackets can prevent problems such as these from occurring by stabilizing machinery.

To stabilize machinery, a set of floor brackets can be used. The floor brackets will secure the machinery to the floor so that it doesn’t shift or otherwise sustain damage due to vibrations.

Supporting Walls

Another common application for floor brackets is to support walls. They can secure non-load-bearing walls, such as partition walls, to the floor.

Most floor brackets consist of an L-shaped frame. The short arm of the L-shaped frame can be mounted to the floor, whereas the long arm can be mounted to the bottom side of the wall. Securing a set of floor brackets to a given wall and the floor will offer additional support.

Supporting Furniture

In addition to walls, floor brackets are used to support furniture. Freestanding cabinet enclosures may feature floor brackets. Floor brackets can secure freestanding cabinet enclosures to the floor.

Any type of furniture that stands freely on the floor may benefit from the use of floor brackets. Freestanding furniture may shift from its original position. Floor brackets prevent this from happening by securing it to the floor. You can install floor brackets on furniture with threaded fasteners. Threaded fasteners will hold the long arm to the side of the furniture, and they will hold the short arm of the floor bracket to the floor.

In Conclusion

You can use floor brackets to secure just about any object to the floor. As shown in the photo above, floor brackets are simple fastening devices that consist of an L-shaped frame. They have two arms — a short arm and a long arm — which can be mounted to two separate surfaces.

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