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What Is a Multi-Nozzle 3D Printer?

  • July 23, 2020

3D printers use a nozzle to release material onto a print bed. Found at the end of the printer’s head, it’s responsible for distributing the material that’s used to build objects. Not all 3D printers use a single nozzle, however. Some of them contain multiple nozzles. Known as multi-nozzle 3D printers, they are used in multi-material 3D printing applications. For a better understanding of multi-nozzle 3D printers and how they work, keep reading.

The Basics of Multi-Nozzle 3D Printers

A multi-nozzle 3D printer, as the name suggests, is a type of 3D printer that contains multiple nozzles. They typically aren’t used in standard, single-material 3D printing applications. Rather, they are designed specifically for use in multi-material 3D printing applications.

All 3D printers have a nozzle. It’s the component on the end of a 3D printer’s head from which the material is released. Multi-nozzle 3D printers simply have multiple nozzles at the end of their respective head. Some of them have two nozzles, whereas others have four nozzles. Regardless, multi-nozzle 3D printers are characterized by the use of multiple nozzles.

How Multi-Nozzle 3D Printers Work

Multi-nozzle 3D printers work like single-nozzle 3D printers, with the only exception being that they contain multiple nozzles. They still contain a filament or storage tank of material. The material is typically heated before being released onto the print bed. Multi-nozzle 3D printers, though, distribute material out of multiple nozzles rather than a single nozzle.

You might be wondering what purpose multi-nozzle 3D printers serve. With multiple nozzles, they support the use of multiple materials. Multi-material 3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that uses multiple materials to build objects from a model file. It doesn’t just use a single material. It’s known as “multi-material 3D printing” because it uses multiple materials.

In multi-material 3D printing applications, a multi-nozzle 3D printing is often used. Each of the 3D printer’s nozzle accommodates a different type of material. If a multi-nozzle 3D printer has four nozzles, it can accommodate four different types of materials. The use of a multi-nozzle 3D printer allows companies to build more complex objects that’s not possible with single-nozzle 3D printers.

In Conclusion

All 3D printers use a nozzle to release material onto a print bed. A multi-nozzle 3D printer is simply a type of multi-material 3D printer that features two or more nozzles. The nozzles are independent of each other, so they don’t distribute the same material.

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