What Are Layered Hinges?

Layered hinge by Monroe

If you’re looking for hinges to use on a truck or trailer, you may want to choose layered hinges. They offer a superior level of strength. You can use layered hinges on trucks and trailers. With their layered design, they will provide a safe and secure connection.

The Basics of Layered Hinges

Layered hinges are mechanical bearings that are made of multiple, fused layers of material. All hinges are mechanical bearings — and layered hinges are no exception. As mechanical bearings, they allow rotation between the surfaces with which they are used. Layered hinges simply feature a laminated construction consisting of multiple layers of material that have been fused together.

Layered Hinges vs Other Hinges

Only layered hinges feature a laminated construction. Other types of hinges feature a solid construction without layers.

Lamination is the process of fusing together multiple layers of material. Each layer is fused with the adjacent layers. Layered hinges are made via lamination. Manufacturers make them by fusing together multiple layers of material.

What to Look for When Choosing Layered Hinges

There are several things you should look for when choosing layered hinges. Like with other hinges, some of them have a removable pin, whereas others have a permanent pin. The pin is designed to hold the two leafs together. A removable pin will allow you to separate the leafs. If you choose layered hinges with a permanent leaf, you won’t be able to separate their respective leafs.

You should look for a double or triple lamination process when choosing layered hinges. Lamination is what defines layered hinges. A double laminated process means they’ve been laminated twice. A triple lamination process means the layered hinges have been eliminated three times.

There’s no substitution for steel when it comes to layered hinges. Steel is strong, durable and long-lasting. It also supports lamination. You can find layered hinges made of stainless steel, including the 10 Ga. stainless steel.

Many layered hinges feature a protective finish as well. A finish is a layer of material that’s applied over the base material. Even if a layered hinge is made of stainless steel, it may feature a protective outer layer. Zinc plating is a common type of finish found on layered hinges.

There are flush layered hinges, and there are offset layered hinges. Flush layered hinges are designed to sit flush with the surfaces with which they are used. Offset layered hinges, conversely, feature an offset design.

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