What Are Wood Screws?

Set of wood screws

Choosing the right screws is important. Screws, of course, are threaded fasteners that are used to join two or more workpieces together. For fastening applications involving wooden workpieces, you should typically choose wood screws. As their name suggests, they are designed specifically for wooden workpieces. What are wood screws exactly?

The Basics of Wood Screws

Wood screws are threaded fasteners that are used to join wooden workpieces. They aren’t necessarily made of wood. Rather, wood screws are available in many of the same metals and alloys as other screws. They are simply known as “wood screws” because they are designed for use with wooden workpieces.

Like all screws, wood screws have a head, a shank and a tip. The shank is typically partially threaded, meaning the threading only extends about three-fourths of the way down the body. With that said, some wood screws have a fully threaded shank that extends from the head all the way to the tip.

Many wood screws also have a tapered head. In other words, the head is blended into the shank. The area where the head of a wood screw meets the shank is tapered. This tapered design allows the head to rest flush with the surface of the workpiece on which wood screws are installed.

Things to Consider When Choosing Wood Screws

While all wood screws are designed for use with wooden workpieces, they aren’t all the same. You’ll need to consider the size when shopping for wood screws. Different wood screws come in different sizes. Some of them are long, whereas others are short. The diameter of a wood screw can also vary. There are thick wood screws, and there are thin wood screws.

You should also consider the material when shopping for wood screws. Many wood screws are made of steel. Steel, in fact, is the most common material in which all fasteners are made — and wood screws are no exception. You can find wood screws made of stainless steel and high-carbon steel. In addition to steel, other materials for wood screws include titanium, brass and aluminum.

Don’t forget to choose wood screws with an appropriate drive recess. The drive recess is the groove or grooved pattern in the head of a screw. To install a screw, you’ll need to place a bit into the head’s drive recess, after which you can turn it.

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