What Is a 3D Printing Marketplace?

Have you heard of 3D printing marketplaces? In recent years, they’ve become a popular destination for consumers and businesses in search of 3D printing files. Rather than exhausting countless works designing objects from the ground up, many consumers and businesses will buy predesigned object model files from a web-based platform. Known as a 3D printing marketplace, it connects designers with 3D printing users. For a better understanding of 3D printing marketplaces, keep reading.

Overview of 3D Printing Marketplaces

A 3D printing marketplace is an online platform, typically a website, that sells ready-to-print object model files. Most of them serve as a third-party intermediary between professional designers and consumers and businesses. While consumers and businesses can always design their own object model files, many of them prefer to buy their object model files. By visiting a 3D printing marketplace, they can search through a massive collection of object model files for sale.

Benefits of Using a 3D Printing Marketplace

What are the benefits of using a 3D printing marketplace? For starters, they’ve become incredibly popular over the years. Research shows that 3D printing marketplaces are growing at a year-over-year (YOY) rate of roughly 21%. As a result, they offer plenty of ready-to-print files for sale. No matter what you are planning to print, you can probably find a file for it on a 3D printing marketplace; you just need to know where to look.

While 3D printing marketplaces cater to both consumers and businesses, their largest audience segment consists of businesses. Manufacturing companies, specifically, use them to streamline their 3D printing activities. Many manufacturing companies still produce their own object model files, but they’ll buy some of their object model files from a 3D printing marketplace to save time and resources.

Designing object model files for 3D printing applications isn’t easy. Not only does it require a specific type of software; it’s a technical and methodical process. If an object file isn’t designed using the proper format, it won’t work. 3D printing marketplaces eliminate the need for manually designing object model files.

In Conclusion

3D printing marketplaces aren’t the only solution for acquiring object model files; you can design them yourself using the appropriate software. Nonetheless, they offer several benefits. Buying object model files from a 3D printing marketplace is easier, faster and more convenient. And with their growing popularity, there’s no shortage of object model files available for sale. The most common marketplace is thingiverse, on thingiverse you can get files for free and tipping the creator of the file is an option. If you have a file from a marketplace you want printed try our 3D printing portal and turn that file into a product in your hands.

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