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What Is a Demagnetizer and How Does It Work?

  • June 17, 2021
Demagnetizer by Monroe Engineering

Magnets are used for many manufacturing-related processes. There are material handling magnets, for example, that live up to their namesake by lifting and moving materials. There are also magnets in tools. Many screwdrivers use magnets to help secure the bit in place. There are a few of many ways that magnets are used in the manufacturing industry. Regardless of how you intend to use them, though, you may want to invest in a demagnetizer.

Overview of Demagnetizers

A demagnetizer is a device that’s designed to add or remove a magnetic field to a tool. Also known as a degausser, it allows you to turn a nonmagnetic tool into a magnetic tool for a temporary period. If the screws keep falling off your screwdriver, a demagnetizer can help. It will add a magnetic field to your screwdriver so that it attracts, as well as sticks to, metal screws and other fasteners.

Demagnetizers, of course, are capable of both adding and removing a magnetic field. If you no longer want your screwdriver to have a magnetic field, you can run it through the demagnetizer. Demagenetizers offer the freedom of changing the tool’s magnetic field at any time.

How Demagnetizers Work

You might be wondering how demagnetizers work exactly. While they are available in different types, they generally follow the same method of operation. Demagentizers add magnetic fields to tools by shifting their electrons. In the case of a screwdriver, a demagnetizer will align the screwdriver’s electrons so that they are parallel to the demagnetizer’s own magnetic field. This electron alignment will make the screwdriver magnetic for a temporary period. The screwdriver won’t remain magnetic forever. Rather, demagnetizers only offer a temporary period of magnetism, after which the screwdriver will revert back to its nonmagnetic properties.

To remove magnetic fields from tools, demagnetizers expose them to an irregular magnetic field. This causes the electrons within the tool to become misaligned. Misalignment of the tool’s electrons will then demagnetize it.

In Conclusion

A demagnetizer is a device that’s able to add or remove magnetic fields to tools. They work by shifting the electrons within a given tool. Keep in mind, though, that there are different types of demagnetizers. Some of them are small and portable, whereas others are larger and more complex. Regardless, they all serve the same purpose of adding or removing magnetic fields to the tools with which they are used.

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