What Is a Gate Hinge and How Does It Work?

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When exploring some of the different types of hinges, you may encounter gate hinges. They are commonly used to connect gates to a post or wall. Gates, of course, operate in a similar way as doors. You can swing them open or closed. To support this action, though, gates require a hinge. Some gates feature a standard hinge, whereas others feature a gate hinge. What is a gate hinge exactly, and how does it work?

What Is a Gate Hinge?

A gate hinge is a type of mechanical bearing that’s used on gates. Like all hinges, it allows for a limited angle of rotation. Gate hinges allow you to swing open or swing closed the gates with which they are used. They simply feature a unique design that makes them ideal for gates.

As shown in the photo above, gate hinges aren’t the same as traditional hinges. Traditional hinges feature a more basic design consisting of two leafs, a knuckle and a pin. Gate hinges are more complex than their traditional counterparts. In addition to being shorter, they are usually thicker than traditional hinges. Some gate hinges also have more leafs than traditional hinges.

How Does a Gate Hinge Work?

Gate hinges work by creating a mechanical bearing between the gate and the post or wall to which it connects. To install a gate hinge, you’ll need to connect its leafs to both the gate and the post or wall. Most gate hinges have precut holes for fasteners. You can drive bolts or screws through these holes so that the leafs stay in place. Once installed, the gate hinge will allow you to swing the gate open and closed.

Tips on Choosing a Gate Hinge

While all gate hinges are designed for gates, they are available in different types. When choosing a gate hinge, you should consider the material from which it’s made. Stainless steel gate hinges have become a popular choice. Since gates are typically found outdoors, gate hinges are naturally exposed to the elements. Stainless steel gate hinges are able to withstand rain and humidity without rusting.

You may want to choose a surface-mounted strap hinge. Surface-mounted strap hinges offer a superior level of durability. For large and heavy gates, they’ll create a secure connection. Just remember to choose a surface-mounted strap hinge in the right size for your gate.

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