What Is a Recessed Pull Handle?

Recessed pull handle by Monroe Engineering

Pull handles are commonly used on cabinets, drawers, vehicles, appliances and other products. As their name suggests, they allow you to pull open the products with which they are used. Not all pull handles, however, feature the same design. There are recessed pull handles that are distinguished from all other pull handles by their concealed design. You can still pull them open, but recessed pull handles are concealed.

The Basics of Recessed Pull Handles

A recessed pull handle is a type of pull handle that’s concealed within a housing unit. They don’t protrude out of the products with which they are used. Rather, pull handles sink into the products while creating a flush exterior. You can see an example of a recessed pull handle in the adjacent photo. It doesn’t have any levers or bars. This traditional recessed pull handle consists of a rectangular-shaped housing unit with gripping surfaces inside of it.

Advantages of Recessed Pull Handles

One of the advantages of recessed pull handles is that they conserve space. Since they sink into the products with which they are used, they don’t consume as much space as other types of pull handles. This makes recessed pull handles a popular choice for workspaces, particularly small workspaces.

Recessed pull handles are easy to use. They feature multiple gripping surfaces inside of them. To use them, just place your hand inside of the recessed pull handle while gripping one of these surfaces. You can then pull it to open the product.

Recessed pull handles are less susceptible to accidental operation than other types of pull handles. In other words, you’ll be less likely to open the product if it features a recessed pull handle. Other types of pull handles may open accidentally if you snag them with an object. This isn’t a concern with recessed pull handles because of their unique, recessed design.

Disadvantages of Recessed Pull Handles

Pull handles aren’t suitable for all applications. Whether you’re looking to buy a handle for a vehicle, a piece of furniture or any other product, you’ll need to ensure that the product will support it. Some products only support standard pull handles. With a recessed pull handle, the product must accommodate its sunken and recessed method of installation.

Recessed pull handles require more work to install than other types of pull handles. You may need to cut out a section of the product beforehand. Installing a recessed pull handle may also require the use of multiple fasteners.

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