What Is a Retractable Plunger?

Retractable plunger by Monroe Engineering

Have you heard of retractable plungers? Like all plungers, they are commonly used for workpiece positioning applications. To position a workpiece, you can use a plunger. While all plungers are used for this purpose, retractable plungers feature a unique design that distinguishes them from other types of plungers.

Overview of Retractable Plungers

Also known as indexing plungers, retractable plungers are mechanical devices that, like all plungers, are used for workpiece positioning applications. They are known as “retractable plungers,” however, because they can be retracted. Most retractable plungers support manual retraction. You can retract them out of the workpieces by pulling the handle.

When positioning a workpiece, you may want to use a retractable plunger. All plungers can position workpieces. Retractable plungers, though, can be manually retracted. If you need to reposition the workpiece, you can retract them. Other types of plungers don’t support manual retraction.

How Retractable Plungers Work

Retractable plungers work by applying pressure with a nose. The nose of a retractable plunger will extend into the workpiece, thereby securing the workpiece in place. When you pull the handle, the plunger will disengage while simultaneously retracting back into the body.

Of course, there are different types of retractable plungers. Hand-retractable is one of the most common types. There are also pull-ring retractable plungers. As the name suggests, pull-ring retractable plungers are fitted with a ring. They don’t have a handle. Instead, they have a ring. Pulling this ring will serve the same purpose as pulling the handle. it will disengage the plunger so that it retracts back into the body.

What About Knurled Head Retractable Plungers

Some retractable plungers are designed with a knurled head. They don’t have a handle, nor do they have a ring. Instead, knurled head retractable plungers feature a textured knob-like head. Knurled head retractable plungers are available in several types of materials, some of the most common being stainless steel, carbon steel and brass. Regardless, knurled head retractable plungers don’t have a smooth head; they have a knurled head, meaning it’s textured. With their knurled head, you can easily grip them.

In Conclusion

Not all plungers are the same. Retractable plungers are defined by their ability to be retracted. Most of them feature a handle that, when pulled, will retract them back into the body. After reading this, you should have a better understanding of retractable plungers and how they work.