What Is a Twin-Type Speed Nut?

Twin-type speed nut by Monroe

Twin-type speed nuts have become increasingly popular in recent years. They don’t look like ordinary nuts. As shown in the adjacent photo, twin-type speed nuts consist of a flat piece of metal with two fastening locations. What are twin-type speed nuts exactly, and how do they work?

The Basics of Twin-Type Speed Nuts

Twin-type speed nuts are specialized fasteners that provide secure connections. They feature a unique design consisting of two threads or fastening locations. You can use twin-type speed nuts to the hold parts in place.

How Twin-Type Speed Nuts Work

When inspecting a twin-type speed nut, you may notice that it has a threaded barrel along with two threaded locations on the sides. The center features a threaded barrel. On the outer left and right sides of the threaded barrel are two additional threaded locations.

The threaded locations on the sides typically aren’t the same. One of the threaded locations is designed to fit the bolt or fastener with which the twin-type speed nut is used. The other threaded location is fit the mating surface. Regardless, twin-type speed nuts feature two threaded locations on the sides.

Some of the most common applications for twin-type speed nuts include the following:

  • Automotive engines
  • Automotive electrical systems
  • Machinery control systems
  • Machinery panels
  • Computer hardware
  • Consumer electronics

Benefits of Twin-Type Speed Nuts

They are known as “speed nuts” for a reason: Twin-type nuts are fast and easy to install. They require fewer turns than traditional nuts. If you’re tired of fighting with traditional nuts, you may want to use twin-type speed nuts for this reason.

Twin-type speed nuts are versatile. You can use them in conjunction with a variety of different screws and bolts, and you can use them with a variety of different mating surfaces. Other types of nuts are more restrictive. You may be able to use them with some nuts or bolts but not others.

You can also remove twin-type speed nuts. They aren’t permanent fasteners. Rather, twin-type speed nuts are temporary fasteners.

Twin-type speed nuts are available in different sizes. They all feature the same design consisting of a threaded barrel in the center and two threaded locations on the sides. With that said, twin-type speed nuts vary in size. When shopping for them, you should consider the length and hole diameter. The length represents how long the twin-type speed nut is, whereas the hole diameter represents the diameter of the threaded hole.

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