Why should you invest in security screws?

Security screws prevent removal with standard tools like flat- and cross-head screwdrivers and hex keys. These special fasteners are often described as anti-theft, tamper-resistant and tamper-proof screws. Whatever you call them, they make it more difficult for people to steal items or access areas affixed with them. They’re used in a wide range of commercial, industrial, public and residential scenarios.

Consider these three top security screw options:

– Torx: Also known as 5-Lobe, 6-Lobe, Star Drive and Star Head screws, Torx screws feature a head that has a star-like inset border of five or six points and/or a central pin. They’re typically used in appliance, vehicle and electronics applications. For example, you might have seen them used to prevent disassembly of printers and microwave ovens.

– Pin Hex: Also known as Socket and Pin screws, Pin Hex fasteners have the same central pin as Torx Pin screws that require a special wrench that features a hole that slots over the pin. They work well in any application where you want to keep certain materials that might require regular future maintenance, such as metal or glass panels, affixed securely together or to a surface.

– Spanner: Also known as Two-Hole, Snake Eye and Pig Nose screws, Spanner screws feature tiny pin-shaped holes that require a special two-pin spanner bit for installation and removal. They’re often used in electronics, general manufacturing, public areas like art galleries, bathrooms and schools, and inside of vehicles. They are also commonly used to prevent license plate theft.

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