Assembly Pallets

Assembly Pallets are a OneMonroe specialty. The company is ideally set up for pallet build, allowing us to manufacture prototypes and assist with verifying and improving designs. Whether you need just a few pallets or hundreds, we handle each order with the same professional approach. Our extensive experience, spanning over 20 years, has resulted in the production of thousands of high-quality pallets.

Our Assembly Pallets are used in a variety of industries including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and logistics. These pallets are essential for efficient assembly line operations, ensuring components and products are securely transported and positioned for further processing. Each pallet is built to withstand the rigors of industrial use, providing a reliable platform that enhances workflow and productivity.

One of the key features of our Assembly Pallets is the CMM certification of pallet assemblies, which includes comprehensive documentation for each pallet. This certification ensures that every pallet meets stringent quality standards and precise specifications. Our commitment to quality and precision means that you can trust our pallets to deliver consistent performance, reducing downtime and improving operational efficiency. Whether for prototyping or full-scale production, Monroe’s Assembly Pallets are designed to meet your exact needs.


  • Assembly Pallets
  • Robot EOAT (End of Arm Tooling)
  • Assembly and Test Stations
  • Work Holding Fixtures

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