Monroe serves the agriculture industry

OneMonroe Integro manufactures heavy duty power distribution and temporary lighting products to the US Navy Shipbuilding companies, General Dynamics and Huntington Ingalls. Our line includes the highest quality rubber molded Navy specified 440V and 110V connectors used for temporary power during construction, overhaul, and maintenance of our nation’s vessels and submarines. We custom manufacture electrical connectors, power extensions, power input cords, panel mount receptacles, distribution blocks, temporary string, and hand lights. We can design and build to a variety of cable sizes and lengths. We take pride in our custom manufacturing design capabilities, allowing us to provide an extensive line to this market!

OneMonroe has put together systems, facilities, tools, and an outstanding staff for the manufacture, assembly and testing of factory automation systems and sub-assemblies. Automating businesses is a constantly growing industry because it allows companies to be more efficient and can help cut down costs in multiple avenues of your business. With Monroe all jobs down to the details are evaluated for manufacturability, materials, processing, tolerances, and function, against our engineering and manufacturing experience. Wether it's setting a VMI program or supplying conveyor rollers, Monroe has the tools to help keep your business modern while saving you some money.