Steel Fabrication

Monroe serves the agriculture industry

OneMonroe Integro offers a complete welding preheat system and permanently molded welding connectors, extensions, and adapters. What began in shipbuilding steel fabrication rapidly expanded in other heavy-duty industries with critical weld requirements.

Our welding preheat system is designed to heat structural steel to ensure solid and sufficient welds. The system includes a preheat controller equipped with a percentage timer that allows the system to work on its own while controlling how long the temperature is on and off for, necessary while maintaining required heating temperatures. The system is also equipped with a dedicated power distribution system and strip heaters.

Monroe Integro also manufactures factory molded welding connectors, extensions, adapters, ground clamp assemblies and welding whips used to bring power from a machine to a stick welding application. All our welding connections are permanently molded to welding cable and delivered to the field as one solid, integral connection. Our welding connections are much stronger, watertight, and last longer in rougher environments than field assembled connectors. Our design is the safest and most effective method of making welding connections!