How Gas Springs Work

At Monroe, we offer a variety of gas springs to permit manually opened or operated devices—large and small alike—to operate safely. Monroes’ gas springs reduce wear and tear, are cost-effective and improve performance for any application involving the positioning of moving parts.

The use of gas springs in a rapidly expanding universe of applications has come about because gas springs are available in more compact designs and they afford a high level of operating convenience and safety during use. Monroe can provide you with extensive technical, design and installation support for many applications. Use the information to understand how gas springs work. Should you have questions or need assistance, contact us. Our consultants and technicians are available to help you find the best gas spring for your application.

How Do Gas Springs Work

  • Inert gas is sealed in a roll-closed cylinder at specific pressure to provide output force.
  • Oil is metered through labyrinth piston to provide smooth, controlled action.
  • End fittings on tubes and rod permit easy attachment to your product.
  • Some gas springs offer locking options.
  • Monroe has cables and actuators to provide “one source” of supply.

Common Uses

  • Printer sound enclosures.
  • Deli case glass, displays, food processing equipment.
  • Keyboard positioning and student desk lids.
  • Positioning for hospital beds.
  • Fitness equipment adjustments.
  • Automotive, recreational, agricultural, construction vehicle, aircraft, and related accessories.
  • Ergonomic office accessories and work stations.
  • Medical and diagnostic apparatus, exam and birthing tables, hospital beds, stretchers, wheelchairs, and emergency equipment.
  • Your next project!

How Gas Springs Add Value

  • Improves performance and ergonomics.
  • Enhances safety. Controls opening and closing speeds.
  • Designed to last the lifetime of most products.
  • Totally self contained. Clean. Maintenance free.
  • Manufactured in ISO9001 certified facility – Quality guaranteed.
  • Cost effective answer to positioning moving parts.
  • Lifts and compensates for weight.
  • Infinite adjustment positions.

Many pieces of equipment or apparatuses have moving components that operate manually, rather than with the help of a motor or other mechanical aid. Without some sort of controlled operation provided by gas springs, damage could result not only to the equipment, but the person operating it. Today, gas springs have become a natural design element, which is employed wherever assistance in lifting, lowering, moving or adjusting is needed.

Gas springs are the cost-effective answer to positioning moving parts. They improve the performance and ergonomic character of a device, while enhancing safety through controlled opening and closing speeds. Designed to last the lifetime of most products, they are self-contained, clean and maintenance-free. Put them to work in a variety of environments and applications, including food processing equipment, automotive, medical and diagnostic apparatus, fitness equipment and business machinery.

These gas springs are available for a variety of applications. To find the right gas spring for your needs, please call us

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