Rivets are a type of permanent mechanical fastener that can support tension loads. They are inserted into a punched or drilled hole and then bucked so the rivet holds in place. Some types of rivets include blind rivets, solid rivets, or oscar rivets to name a few.

Typically solid rivets are a common fastener used within structual parts of an aircraft and are typically made of aluminium alloy, titanium, or nickel-based alloys. Solid rivets require access to both sides of the structure, if access to only one side is possible then a blind rivet would be used for that application. OneMonroe Aerospace is a stocking distributor of Aerospace and Mil-Spec hardware. We have an extensive inventory of Rivets. Every part that we sell is in Factory new (FN) condition and we provide our company’s certificate of conformance for all parts on every order. See below for our products. Updated: 12/28/21

Rivets Product Lines

Cherry rivets can be used as replacements for some solid rivets They are also suited for composites (such as fiberglass) as the rivet spreads in a way that prevents cracking of the material.

Blind rivets are a permanent mechanical fastener commonly used in manyindustries due to their ability to handle both shear lods as well as tension loads.

Solid rivets are most often used in the structural parts of enclosures. Typically these rivets are made from aluminium alloys, titanium, or nickel-based alloys.

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