ColorJet Printing (CJP)

additive printingAs in many other additive manufacturing processes the part to be printed is built up from many thin cross sections of the 3D model. An inkjet print head moves across a bed of powder, selectively depositing a liquid binding material. A thin layer of powder is spread across the completed section and the process is repeated with each layer adhering to the last. When the model is complete, unbound powder is automatically and/or manually removed in a process called "de-powdering" and may be reused to some extent. The de-powdered part could optionally be subjected to various infiltrants or other treatments to produce properties desired in the final part.


Gypsum Sandstone

Full Color Sandstone offers multi-color printing, making it the best material for figurines, architecture, medical models and other applications that require many colors. Although it’s a great material for decorative models, it is not well suited for handling due to its low strength and brittle nature. .

Options: Gloss Wax (Matte)

Materials Features, Benefits & Applications


  • Multi-color/texture prints
  • High production speed
  • Fully developed and tested build styles
  • Accepts gloss and matte finishes
  • Brittle nature, not meant for handling


  • Ability to print in multiple colors
  • Good for display/educational models
  • Increased market opportunities for display models
  • Suitable for master patterns


  • Full-color, miniature replicas
  • Buildings/Structures
  • Medical Models
  • Terrain
  • Concept and marketing models

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