Sattler Inc

Sattler Inc is a family owned business, incorporated in 1995. The Sattler family combines three generations of machine tool and manufacturing heritage, with a team of the best employees, facilities and tools to support our customers. Our headquarters, which opened in 2011, is well equipped with 33,000 sq-ft. Other nearby facilities provide an additional 50,000 sq-ft.

HEADQUARTERS: Our systems, procedures, documentation, and employees are kept up-to-date and continually improved. CMM inspection is integral to our manufacturing, and also provided as a service to companies which do not possess these tools.

On-Time: Delivery dates are taken seriously. Project planning and control; both internally and with our suppliers enable Sattler Inc to maintain a near perfect on-time delivery record. Certified PMP (Project Mgmt Professional’s) and formal systems are in place, and continually improved.

Within Budget: Typically, work is competitively bid for at a fixed price; therefore, staying within budget is essential to our survival. We have an excellent record of success, proven by our ability to flourish with virtually no debt, in a challenging business environment.

Equipment: Sattler Inc has assembled and maintains an outstanding CNC machining capability. We focus on attaining the best tools and establish close business relationships with suppliers who possess tools, services or capacity we require.


6024 Corporate Drive

Ira Township, MI 48023

Phone: (586) 725-1140

Fax: (586) 725-6775

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