Automakers Launch Coalition to Save NAFTA

With the future of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in jeopardy, some of the world’s biggest automakers have formed a coalition in an attempt to save the agreement. Originally enacted January 1, 1994, NAFTA is wide-reaching trade agreement between … Read More

Meet Monroe: Mitch Tucker

How long have you been at Monroe, and what do you do here? I have been at Monroe Engineering for well over 10 years. Currently, I manage contract manufacturing, manufacturing sales, and production. Describe your background: The first half of … Read More

Elon Musk to Restore Power to Puerto Rico with Solar and Batteries

It’s been over a month since Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc across the Caribbean, yet millions of Americans in Puerto Rico remain without power. In fact, reports indicate that only 21% of the island has power, attesting to the severity of … Read More

October 6 Proclaimed ‘National Manufacturing Day’ by President Trump

October 6 has been declared National Manufacturing Day by President Trump. Held annually on the first Friday in October, National Manufacturing Day lives up to its namesake by celebrating the country’s manufacturing industry. On this day, manufacturing companies are encouraged … Read More

Exploring the Benefits of a Manufacturing Execution System

A manufacturing execution system (MES) can best be described as a process or methodology for tracking the transformation of raw materials to finished products. Manufacturing companies of all shapes and sizes must proactively monitor the way in which they use … Read More

Choosing the Right Fastener for the Build

At OneMonroe, we know that choosing the right fastener for the build is a key decision. If you have a construction project, the right choice of fasteners means a successful completion of your work, so it’s important to understand the … Read More

What is Prefabrication? Get the Facts

When reading about the manufacturing industry, you may come across the term “prefabrication.” So, what is prefabrication exactly? Prefabrication refers to the process of building and assembling a structure at a manufacturing site and transporting it to a remote site … Read More