October 6 Proclaimed ‘National Manufacturing Day’ by President Trump

calendar-2626675_960_720October 6 has been declared National Manufacturing Day by President Trump.

Held annually on the first Friday in October, National Manufacturing Day lives up to its namesake by celebrating the country’s manufacturing industry. On this day, manufacturing companies are encouraged to invite students, teachers, media, business people and politicians to their respective facilities to learn about manufacturing. There are countless events held throughout the country on National Manufacturing Day, nearly all of which are free to attend.

The first National Manufacturing Day was held back in 2012, during which few companies participated in it. Today, however, it’s blossomed into a larger and more comprehensive day that’s even drawn the attention of President Trump.

When discussing National Manufacturing Day, President Trump explained that American manufacturing workers “drive our economy.” And because of this, we should celebrate everything they’ve done to help our country.

On National Manufacturing Day, we celebrate the American manufacturers and their workers who drive our economy, strengthen our national security, and give meaning to the famous phrase, Made in the USA. We also highlight the many new and exciting opportunities for future generations to create the next wave of world-class American products,” wrote President Trump on the official White House blog.

Of course, American is one of the world’s leaders of manufacturing. Statistics show that it generated more than $2.2 trillion in Q3 2016. There are currently more than 12.4 million people employed in the manufacturing industry, making it a vital source of employment as well. Furthermore, U.S. manufacturing delivers products for vital sectors like aerospace, telecommunications, chemicals, lumber, mining, electronics and more.

President Trump further explained that manufactured goods and products accounted for more than 11% of the country’s total gross domestic product in 2016.

While the U.S. manufacturing industry has experienced its fair share of ups and downs, it’s been on a winning streak as of late. As explained by the Epoch Times, the industry is hovering around near-record highs. Analysts believe this trend will likely continue as President Trump continues to push his “Buy American, Hire American” policy. This, of course, is a good news manufacturing companies who rely on strong sales to stay competitive in this otherwise fluid and dynamic market.

You can learn more about National Manufacturing Day by visiting the MFG Day website here. Along with basic information, it contains resources on local events, sponsors, endorsers and more.

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