How to Choose Retaining Magnets

Retaining magnets offer a simple, gentle way to hold objects in place. As their name suggests, they are magnets that are designed to “retain” an object. You don’t have to drill into the object. Assuming the object is magnetic, you … Read More

Employee of the Month: Xue Vang

Congratulations Xue Vang on being Employee of the Month for October 2022! Nomination Xue is a huge asset to our sales team in Mendota Heights, he’s always a team player and is a positive force that makes each day easier. … Read More

What Is the Pitch of a Hinge?

You should consider the pitch when choosing a hinge. Hinges are available in sizes. Some of them have bigger leafs than others. The knuckle, however, may also vary in size. Most hinges consist of two leafs and a knuckle. By … Read More

The 2 Primary Parts of a Spring-Energized Seal

Not all seals are the same. In addition to standard O-rings, there are spring-energized seals. Spring-energized seals feature the same ring-shaped design as their O-ring counterparts, but they are comprised of two parts: a jacket and spring. Spring-energized seals work … Read More

What to Look for When Choosing a Bearing Housing

After purchasing a bearing, you may need to choose a housing for it. Housings are frames that are designed to secure and support bearings. You can place a bearing inside of a housing. Once installed, the housing will allow the … Read More

How to Choose Indexing Plungers

Indexing plungers are commonly used to position and lock parts in place. They are detent devices that, as the name suggests, are designed for use in indexing bores. Most indexing plungers feature a spring-loaded pin. When you engage an indexing … Read More

What Is a Counter-Flap Hinge and How Does It Work?

When researching the different types of hinges, you may encounter counter-flap. They are used to join two surfaces while simultaneously allowing a limited angle of rotation between them. Counter-flap hinges, however, feature a unique design. They don’t have a central … Read More