Adjustable Glides for Leveling Feet

Adjustable glides for leveling feet

Have you come across leveling feet with adjustable glides? They are commonly used on chairs, desks, chests of drawers, recliners and other types of furniture. Not all leveling feet have adjustable glides, though. Rather, many of them consist of a traditional design without any glides. What are adjustable glides exactly, and how do they work for leveling feet?

What Are Adjustable Glides?

Adjustable glides are small pads that are secured around the top or bottom of a leveling foot’s base. Most of them are made of a synthetic material such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). As shown in the adjacent photo, adjustable glides are simply ring-shaped pads that are fitted around the base.

How Adjustable Glides Work

With adjustable glides, level feet make it easier to move furniture and other lightweight objects. You won’t have to physically lift the furniture to move it. Assuming it has leveling feet with adjustable glides, you can “glide” the furniture across the floor. Gliding may be possible with traditional leveling feet as well, but it’s far more difficult. Leveling feet consisting of a pure-metal base, for example, generally don’t glide very easily. Traditional leveling feet will create more traction with the floor, thus restricting the furniture from moving.

Some adjustable glides can also reduce vibrations. If a piece of furniture or object produces vibrations, it may move on its own. Adjustable glides offer a solution. They’ll absorb vibrations produced by the attached furniture or object so that it doesn’t move.

Choosing the Right Leveling Feet With Adjustable Glides

When choosing leveling feet with adjustable glides, there are a few things to consider. For starters, you should consider the load capacity. All leveling feet have a load capacity — and those with adjustable glides are no exception. Most leveling feet with adjustable glides have a lower load capacity than that of their traditional counterparts. Some of them have a load capacity of 500 pounds, whereas others have a load capacity of 250 or 50 pounds. Regardless, you should choose leveling feet with adjustable glides that feature an appropriate load capacity for your application.

You should also choose the right material. Leveling feet are available in different materials, regardless of whether or not they have adjustable glides. Some of them are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel leveling feet are ideal for humid and harsh environments where corrosion is a concern. There are also high-carbon steel leveling feet. High-carbon steel leveling feet are typically stronger and, thus, have a higher load capacity.