Laser Cutting 101

So how does a laser actually work? It starts with the word itself which is an acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. For the layman, it means “you’re cutting stuff with a very bright beam of light” … Read More

New York’s Manufacturing Industry Picks Up Momentum

Manufacturing in the Big Apple has surpassed analysts’ expectations, signaling strong growth for this critical component of the nation’s economy and infrastructure. Earlier this week, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York released its report, in which it found that … Read More

American Manufacturing Rebounds for a Strong September

While the American manufacturing industry got off to a good start this year, it has since slowed in recent months. This led some market analysts to speculate that a recession was on the horizon. Of course, views such as this … Read More

White House Announced New Initiatives in American Manufacturing

In celebration of National Manufacturing Day, the Obama Administration has announced a series of new initiatives in American manufacturing. These initiatives are intended to further strengthen the industry, creating thousands of new jobs while bolstering the country’s economy in the … Read More

South Dakota’s Largest Solar Farm Now Generating Power

South Dakota has taken one giant leap towards promoting cleaner, more renewable energy. Earlier this month, the Mount Rushmore state opened its largest solar farm, with officials celebrating the milestone with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Located on a 9-acre field surrounding … Read More

US Manufacturing Expands for Fifth Consecutive Month

I think it’s safe to say the United States manufacturing industry has rebounded, as new reports indicate that U.S.-based factories have expanded for the fifth consecutive month in July. There’s been some concern among manufacturers in recent years, largely because … Read More

The 4 Goals of Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing, also known as lean production, is a philosophy based around the elimination of waste within a system. First pioneered by the Toyota Production System in the 1990s, it’s become widely used throughout the manufacturing industry. Today, hundreds of … Read More