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  • Understanding Airplane Stalls

    Understanding Airplane Stalls0

    There are some key differences to understanding the difference between a stall in your car and a stall in an airplane. When your car stalls, it slows until it comes to a complete stop. When an airplane stalls, it stops flying and starts dropping. The forces that must act in concert for a plane to

  • The Science Behind Thermal Spraying

    The Science Behind Thermal Spraying0

    Thermal spraying is a coating process that involves the application of heated particulate matter on a surface to protect against heat, cold, electricity, moisture and rust. The particulate matter — either metal, ceramics, plastics or composites — is heated using electricity or chemicals and then sprayed onto a surface. Once complete, thermal spraying can create

  • Top 10 Failures in Manufacturing

    Top 10 Failures in Manufacturing0

    If you are looking for a list of spectacular manufacturing failures, where products fail to perform as intended, that is not this story (although I would bet at least one of these listed failures happened in every one of those spectacular mistakes). Rather, these are walk around rules for people who might find themselves on

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