The Beginner’s Guide to Compression Springs

Of all the different types of springs, compression is the most common. They consist of a single piece of coiled metal in a helical shape. They are known as “compression springs” because they apply a compressive force. Even if you’ve … Read More

What Is a Gartner Spring?

When researching some of the different types of springs, you may come across garter springs. Gartner springs are designed to store mechanical energy — just like all other springs. They consist of a coiled piece of metal that, when compression, … Read More

4 Common Types of Coil Springs

Springs can be classified as either coil or non-coil, depending on their design. Coil springs live up to their namesake by featuring a coiled design. They are typically made of a single strand of metal that follows a helical path, … Read More

What Is a Music Wire Spring?

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What Is a Mechanical Extension Spring?

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How Do Gas Springs Work?

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Extension vs Compression Springs: What’s the Difference?

Consisting of a coiled piece of metal, springs are used in many industrial and consumer applications. They are designed to stretch while storing mechanical energy. When a spring is stretched, it will uncoil. Even when just partially uncoiled, a spring … Read More