4 Common Types of Coil Springs

Springs can be classified as either coil or non-coil, depending on their design. Coil springs live up to their namesake by featuring a coiled design. They are typically made of a single strand of metal that follows a helical path, … Read More

What Is a Music Wire Spring?

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What Is a Mechanical Extension Spring?

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How Do Gas Springs Work?

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Extension vs Compression Springs: What’s the Difference?

Consisting of a coiled piece of metal, springs are used in many industrial and consumer applications. They are designed to stretch while storing mechanical energy. When a spring is stretched, it will uncoil. Even when just partially uncoiled, a spring … Read More

Comparison of the Different Types Springs

A spring is an essential hardware component used in a wide range of commercial and noncommercial applications. By definition, a spring is an elastic object that’s designed to store energy. When force, such as weight, is exerted upon a spring, … Read More

Mechanical Springs vs Gas Springs

When most people hear the word “spring,” they envision a coiled piece of metal that’s able to retract under pressure, followed by bouncing back to its normal state after the pressure has been released. While this is a common way … Read More