Fasteners Colorado

Fasteners, Inc. in Denver, Omaha, and Grand Junction is the supply source for all types of fastening systems. Fasteners in Colorado are easily found with us because we work hard to provide the optimal selection and always at a fair price.
Included in Fasteners’ massive inventory are abrasives, cut-off, flap, and grinding wheels, anchors, alligator anchors, capsule anchors, chemical anchoring systems, concrete screws, drive anchors, plug anchors, rock bolts, stud anchors, toggle, carriage, elevator, flange, lag, plow, step, tap bolts, sealants, adhesives, solvents, cleaners, drywall, gloves, screws, particle board, washers, ceramic, glass, nitro, and carbide drill bits, taps and dies, hand tools, saw blades, chains, turnbuckles, chained and forged fittings, hose clamps, cable ties, many varieties of nuts, pins, keys, rivets, sockets, plugs, washers, and so much more!
If there is anything you need, call us first at Fasteners, Inc. to learn if
we have just what you are looking for.

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