South Dakota’s Largest Solar Farm Now Generating Power

South Dakota has taken one giant leap towards promoting cleaner, more renewable energy. Earlier this month, the Mount Rushmore state opened its largest solar farm, with officials celebrating the milestone with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Located on a 9-acre field surrounding … Read More

The Scoop on Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum is a versatile metal that’s frequently used in the manufacturing industry. It’s lightweight, readily available, and can be mended to form different shapes. But there are certain applications that call for a different type of metal, in which case … Read More

Comparing the Different Types of Carbon Steel

Carbon steel has become a popular material for use in the manufacturing industry. As the name suggests, it consists of steel along with a carbon alloy for enhanced properties. The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) defined carbon steel as … Read More

Let’s Talk EP’s

 We are often asked about the differences between the various ethylene-propylene rubber compounds. There are a slew of acronyms used for EP and there are also different cure systems. What are the differences? Well, it is important to know what the … Read More

Head’s Up: More Workers Needed in US Manufacturing Industry

The United States manufacturing industry has experienced strong growth over the past few months. While it suffered some setbacks last year, the industry has since turned around with a positive manufacturing index. But there’s new evidence suggesting that the industry … Read More

4 Fun Facts About US Manufacturing

The United States has one of the strongest manufacturing industries in the world. It’s responsible for producing billions of dollars  in goods each year, while creating countless jobs for Americans. Most financial experts will also agree that U.S. manufacturing is … Read More

Brexit Boosts UK’s Manufacturing Industry

When Britain voted to leave the European Union, there was some question on whether it would help or hurt the nation’s economy. Some market analysts said the UK’s decision to leave would limit its trading opportunities, while others said it … Read More

Tesla to Develop Zero-Emissions Manufacturing Facility

Tesla Motors, one of the world’s leading makers of electric cars, electric powertrains and batteries, has announced plans to develop a zero-emissions manufacturing facility. Dubbed the “Gigafactory,” the revolutionary new manufacturing facility isn’t just environmentally friendly; it’s also big, very … Read More

Will US Manufacturing Surpass China?

The United States manufacturing industry has experienced strong growth over the past year. As we discussed in a previous blog post, the industry has experienced positive growth for the fifth consecutive month in July, signaling a healthy manufacturing market. Even … Read More