5 Reasons to Choose Molded Rubber Grommets

You can’t go wrong with molded rubber grommets. Grommets are ring-shaped components. They are designed to reinforce holes so that wires, cables and ropes can be safely run through the holes. While all grommets are designed for use inside of … Read More

What Are Welding Magnets?

Welding magnet by Monroe Read More

How to Choose a Clevis Slip Hook

Clevis slip hooks are commonly used to secure loads. They feature a heavy-duty hook and a clevis pin. The clevis pin is removable. Inserting the clevis pin through the top of the hook will result in a U-shaped point. Cables … Read More

Upgrade Your Pallet Jacks With a Drive Add-On

Does your business use pallet jacks? Also known as pallet pumps, they are designed to lift and move pallets. You can slide a pallet jack underneath a loaded pallet, after which you can raise it by pumping the handle. Once … Read More

What Are Layered Hinges?

If you’re looking for hinges to use on a truck or trailer, you may want to choose layered hinges. They offer a superior level of strength. You can use layered hinges on trucks and trailers. With their layered design, they … Read More

Padlocks vs Disc Locks: What’s the Difference?

Most shackle-style locks are classified as either a padlock or disc lock. The shackle is a removable part of a lock. Unlocking a lock will open the shackle, whereas locking it will close the shackle. While padlocks and disc locks … Read More

5 Benefits of Magnetic Hooks

There are different types of hooks. While many of them feature a screw- or bolt-based mounting system, others do not. Magnetic hooks, for instance, feature a magnet. You can place them on any ferromagnetic surface. As long as a surface … Read More

Employee of the Month: Jimmy Durand

Congratulations Jimmy Durand on Being the Employee of the Month for July 2022 Nomination Jimmy embodies the OneMonroe culture of “How Can We Help” out on the shop floor of OneMonroe Ira. No matter what the job. From assembling complex … Read More

The Benefits of Music Wire Springs

When shopping for springs, you may stumble upon music wire springs. Springs are often categorized according to the material from which they are made. Some springs are made of plastic, whereas others are made of music wire. Music wire springs … Read More