3D Printing Speed: How It Affects Build Time

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What Is Permanent Mold Casting?

Molding processes are used to create objects with the assistance of a die. The material — which is typically heated or molten — is poured or otherwise injected into the cavity of a die. As the material fills the surrounding … Read More

The Role ‘Slicing’ Plays in 3D Printing

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What Is Selective Laser Sintering?

When researching the different forms of 3D printing, you’ll probably come across selective laser sintering. A form of additive manufacturing, it uses a laser to “sinter” powder particles. In other words, the material used in laser sintering is fused together … Read More

How Plasma Spraying Works

To protect against rust and corrosion, workpieces are often coated in a protective material. Thermal spraying, for instance, is a group of processes that involves the application of heated or melted material onto the surface of a workpiece. Once covered … Read More

What Is Binder Jet 3D Printing?

With origins dating back to the mid-1990s, binder jet is one of the oldest forms of 3D printing. It’s able to produce a variety of custom-shaped and custom-sized objects by “printing” them. From small toys to complex manufacturing components, binder … Read More

How Object Models Are Designed for 3D Printing

Modeling is an essential step in 3D printing. Before a 3D printer can build an object — a process that typically occurs layer by layer — a digital model of the respective object must be designed. Only after the model … Read More