US Fastener Supply Company

  When you need hard to find fasteners, Fastener’s Inc. is the US fastener supply company. We are an industrial distributor for the Huck fastening System and all of our fasteners are of the highest quality standards. For over 48 years, we have been the industry leader … Read More

US Fastener Companies

Since 1995, Fastener’s Inc. has been one of the leading US Fastener Companies. Our vast inventory is available for prompt delivery in materials ranging from stainless steel, aluminum and heat-treated steel. Our inventory, purchasing power and knowledge is the best in the business and … Read More

Colorado Fastener Company

When you are looking in Colorado for a fastener company, look no further than the experts at Fastener’s Inc.  Since 1965 we have been the leader for hard to find fastener’s.  We carry everything including materials ranging from stainless steel, heat treated and aluminum steel.  … Read More

Fastening Supply House

When you are looking for fasteners and need a fastener supply house, Fastener’s Inc. is the place to go. Since 1965 we have been the industry leader and distributor for the Huck Fastening System along with many others.  Our vast inventory, purchasing power and knowledge … Read More

Fastener Dealers

Since 1965, Fastener’s Inc.  has been an industry leader for hard to find fasteners in Denver.  We are one of the country’s top fastener dealers and the industrial leader for Huck Fastening System.  We have the experience, vast inventory, purchasing power, and a knowledge … Read More

Commercial Fasteners

When you need commercial fasteners look no further than Fastener’s Inc.  For over 48 years, Fastener’s Inc. has been providing quality products at a fair price. We have been an industry leader since 1965 with our experience, vast of inventory, purchasing power, and knowledge base.  … Read More

Fastener Supplies

When you are looking for fastener supplies and hard to find fasteners, call the experts at Fastener’s Inc.  For over 48 years we have been an industry leader for hard to find fasteners supplies and a leader for Huck Fastening Systems.  We have the … Read More