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  • Head’s Up: More Workers Needed in US Manufacturing Industry

    • September 6, 2016

    The United States manufacturing industry has experienced strong growth over the past few months. While it suffered some setbacks last year, the industry has since turned around with a positive manufacturing index. But there’s new evidence suggesting that the industry needs more skilled workers. According to some industry experts, low-skilled manufacturing jobs have all but

  • 4 Fun Facts About US Manufacturing

    • August 30, 2016

    The United States has one of the strongest manufacturing industries in the world. It’s responsible for producing billions of dollars  in goods each year, while creating countless jobs for Americans. Most financial experts will also agree that U.S. manufacturing is directly tied to the economy. When the manufacturing industry grows, so does the economy. Today,

  • Brexit Boosts UK’s Manufacturing Industry

    • August 23, 2016

    When Britain voted to leave the European Union, there was some question on whether it would help or hurt the nation’s economy. Some market analysts said the UK’s decision to leave would limit its trading opportunities, while others said it would open the doors to new trading opportunities. Well, it appears that we finally have

  • Tesla to Develop Zero-Emissions Manufacturing Facility

    • August 15, 2016

    Tesla Motors, one of the world’s leading makers of electric cars, electric powertrains and batteries, has announced plans to develop a zero-emissions manufacturing facility. Dubbed the “Gigafactory,” the revolutionary new manufacturing facility isn’t just environmentally friendly; it’s also big, very big. According to Tesla, it can house roughly one hundred full-sized 747 aircraft, parked wing

  • Will US Manufacturing Surpass China?

    • August 8, 2016

    The United States manufacturing industry has experienced strong growth over the past year. As we discussed in a previous blog post, the industry has experienced positive growth for the fifth consecutive month in July, signaling a healthy manufacturing market. Even with this positive growth, however, the U.S. manufacturing industry continues to lag behind China. According

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