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What is Contract Manufacturing?

One of the most misunderstood segments of manufacturing involves the use of a third-party to manage the relationship between an end user and the folks who actually make the parts. With the advent of the world market, realizing lowest manufacturing … Read More

Brazing vs Welding: Comparing These 2 Common Joining Processes

Welding and brazing are two of the most common metal-joining processes used in the manufacturing industry. When fasteners aren’t viable, manufacturers often use one of these techniques to join two metal surfaces together. But while brazing and welding both allow … Read More

How Construction Companies Use Prefabrication to Streamline Projects

Not all construction companies build their houses and buildings onsite. In recent years, many have begun building and assembling components in a factory or warehouse, which they transport to the job site. Known as prefabrication or modular construction, it’s a … Read More

Exploring the 3 Processes of Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is an important industry in the United States that employs an estimated 1.42 million American workers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). It involves cutting, manipulating and assembling metal materials to produce metal structures. Among other … Read More

What is Prefabrication? Get the Facts

When reading about the manufacturing industry, you may come across the term “prefabrication.” So, what is prefabrication exactly? Prefabrication refers to the process of building and assembling a structure at a manufacturing site and transporting it to a remote site … Read More

What is Microfabrication?

When you think of manufacturing, you probably envision automotive factories churning out large ready-to-drive vehicles. While this is certainly a segment of the manufacturing industry, there are other processes performed on a much smaller level. Microfabrication, for instance, refers specifically … Read More

Exploring the Role of Manufacturing Engineers

Manufacturing engineering refers to a segment of engineering that deals with manufacturing practices such as research, design, development, processes, machines, equipment, tools and specifications. There are “manufacturing engineers,” whom are responsible for converting raw materials into a finished product, all … Read More

Metal Fabrication Techniques Explained

Metal fabrication is a key segment of the country’s manufacturing industry. As explained by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), it involves a wide range of processes, including the smelting and/or refinement of metals, as well manufacturing metal alloys and … Read More

Safety Tips To Follow When Handling Sheet Metal

If your company produces, transports or handles sheet metal, you should take additional precautions to ensure the safety of your employees. Some companies completely overlook sheet metal as a potential workplace hazard, leaving employees susceptible to work-related accidents. In this … Read More