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What Is a Retaining Ring?

Retaining rings are commonly used in housing components. Like other types of fastener-based rings, they are designed to hold multiple parts together. Retaining rings, however, aren’t permanent. Rather, they are typically only used when initially building a housing assembly, after … Read More

What Are Hex Lag Screws?

When shopping for fasteners, you may come across hex lag screws. They are commonly used in construction and other woodworking applications. Like other types of screws, hex lag screws have external threading that’s able to dig into wooden workpieces. Hex … Read More

What Is a Structural Screw?

Screws are commonly in the construction industry to build frames, roofs, walls and other structural components. With many of these components being load bearing, though, certain types of screws are required. Construction companies can’t use cheap or weak screws. Rather, … Read More

What Is a Wing Nut?

Nuts are a common type of fasteners. Consisting of a piece of metal with a threaded hole, they are used in conjunction with a bolt to hold two or more objects together. The bolt is inserted through the objects, after … Read More

The Different Types of Handles for Quick Release Pins

You can’t shop for quick release pins without considering the handle type. While all quick release pins have a handle, the shape and design of their respective handles can vary. There are several different types of handles found on quick … Read More

Galvanized vs Zinc-Plated Screws: Which Is Best?

Screws are often plated with zinc or galvanized to protect against corrosion. Technically speaking, galvanized screws feature a protective zinc shell as well. Because of the similarities between them, many people assume that galvanized screws and zinc-plated screws are the … Read More

The Purpose of Washers and Why They’re Used With Fasteners

Typically consisting of a flattened, circular- or disc-shaped piece of metal, commonly steel or stainless steel, with a hole in the middle, washers are often used in conjunction with threaded fasteners. Before a threaded fastener like a screw is driven … Read More

The 3 Primary Types of Threaded Fasteners

Fasteners are the mechanical components used to temporarily join two or more objects. While there are other ways to join objects — welding, brazing, adhesives, crimping, etc. — fasteners are often preferred because they can be easily removed. Threaded fasteners … Read More