What Are Fender Washers?

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Washers are commonly used to protect parts from damage. They work by distributing the load of a threaded fastener. Driving a treaded fasteners directly into a part may damage it. With a washer, the fastener’s load will be evenly distributed across the surface of the part, thus protecting it from damage.

Washers can also be used for spacing purposes. Multiple washers can be placed on the back of a fastener before affixing the fastener with a nut. While most washers serve these same purposes, they are available in different types. Fender, for example, is a common washer type. What are fender washers exactly?

Overview of Fender Washers

Also known as penny washers, fender washers are characterized by a flat design and a large outer diameter related to the inner diameter. The outer diameter is the ring of solid material that goes around a cylindrical fastener. The inner diameter is the center that’s open and devoid of any solid material. A cylindrical fastener will go through the inner diameter.

Fender is essentially a type of flat washer. Fender washers have a large outer diameter. All washers, of course, have an outer diameter. The outer diameter is what allows them to distribute the load of a fastener. Fender washers simply have a larger outer diameter than most other types of washers. The outer diameter of a fender washer covers more surface area than that of other types.

Benefits of Fender Washers

You might be wondering what benefits fender washers offer? With their large outer diameter, they offer a higher level of protection against damage than other types of washers. They will distribute the fastener’s load across a large surface area.

Fender washers can also be used to secure fasteners in parts that have rusted or corroded. If the surface of a part is rusted, a fastener may go straight through it without “catching.” Fastener heads are designed to catch on the surface of the parts or objects in which they are installed. The presence of rust or corrosion, though, may result in a large hole that prevents the fastener’s head from catching.

Even if a part is rusted or corroded, you may be able to use a fender washer with it. Placing a fender washer over the part’s pilot hole will allow the fastener’s head to catch on it. Fender washers have a wide outer diameter. The outer diameter will create a solid surface for the fastener’s head.

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