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What Are Flexible Magnets Made Of?

Not all magnets are hard and rigid. Some of them are flexible. Known as flex magnets, they offer a higher level of customization than their hard and rigid counterparts. Flexible magnets can be easily customized thanks to their flexible properties. … Read More

Hard Ferrite vs Soft Ferrite Magnets: What’s the Difference?

Magnets are often characterized as either soft ferrite or hard ferrite. Both soft ferrite and hard ferrite magnets are typically made of a ceramic material. That’s why they are known as “ferrites.” Ferrites are magnetic compounds consisting primarily of iron … Read More

What Is a Demagnetizer and How Does It Work?

Magnets are used for many manufacturing-related processes. There are material handling magnets, for example, that live up to their namesake by lifting and moving materials. There are also magnets in tools. Many screwdrivers use magnets to help secure the bit … Read More

How Does an Electromagnet Work?

Magnets are all around us. From cabinet latches and stereo speakers to material handling devices and manufacturing machines, they are used in countless commercial and consumer applications. While all types of magnets are capable of producing a magnetic field, some … Read More

What Is a Cup Magnet and How Do They Work?

Magnets come in a variety of shapes. Some of them are square, whereas others are rectangular. There are also round magnets, such as cup magnets. Cup magnets still produce a magnetic field, but they feature a round shape — as … Read More

An Introduction to Lifting Magnets and How They Work

Have you heard of lifting magnets? If so, you might be wondering how they work. Lifting magnets produce the same magnetic field as all other magnets. They are known as “lifting magnets,” however, because they are designed specifically to lift … Read More

How Ceramic Magnets Are Made

Ceramic magnets are used in countless applications. Also known as ferrite magnets, they are defined by their high iron content. All ceramic magnets are comprised primarily of iron, which is a ferromagnetic metal. Ceramic magnetics, however, typically don’t consist of … Read More

Types of Neodymium Magnet Coatings

Neodymium magnets are recognized for their superior strength. They create a stronger magnetic field than that of other permanent magnets. Most neodymium magnets, in fact, are over 10 times stronger than ceramic magnets. The problem with neodymium, however, is that … Read More

5 Facts About Electromagnets

Not all magnets consist of a solid piece of ferromagnetic material. Some of them are made of wire coils. Known as electromagnets, they use electricity to generate a magnetic field. As electricity flows through the wire coils, it becomes magnetized. … Read More