The Benefits of Die-Cut Gaskets

Die-cut gaskets by Monroe Engineering

Gaskets play an important role in machinery. They are essentially mechanical seals that prevent fluids or gases from leaking. Machinery may feature passages for oil, coolant or combustion gases. If the passages go through two separate parts, a gasket may be required to seal the mating surface of the parts.

While all gaskets are mechanical seals, they can be manufactured in different ways. Some of them are manufactured by water jet cutting, whereas others are manufactured by die cutting. Different types of gaskets offer their own benefits. Below are some of the top benefits of die-cut gaskets.

Supports Custom Shapes

Gaskets, of course, must be manufactured in the same shape of the mating surface and passages with which they are used. Even if a gasket features just a slightly different shape, it won’t fit, nor will it create a sealed mating surface. Fortunately, you can order die-cut gaskets in just about any shape.

Die-cut gaskets are manufactured using a die. The die is a piece of metal — typically stainless steel or carbon steel — that’s bent in the desired shape. A traveling head press will then punch out gaskets in the same shape. Because dies can be created in different shapes, die-cut gaskets can be created in different shapes as well. They’ll take the same shape of the die when exposed to a traveling head press.

Withstands Heat and Pressure

Die-cut gaskets can withstand both heat and pressure. Fluids and gases that flow through machinery are often hot. Heat, of course, promotes thermal expansion, thereby creating pressure. The combination of heat and pressure can take a toll on mechanical seals like gaskets.

Leaks aren’t a concern with die-cut gaskets. They can withstand heat and pressure without leaking. Die-cut gaskets are available in different materials, including rubber, cork and fiber. These materials won’t break or otherwise leak under heat and pressure. They’ll typically expand to provide a higher level of protection against leaks.


Another benefit of die-cut gaskets is the cost. For large-volume orders, they typically cost less than other types of gaskets.

As previously mentioned, die-cut gaskets are manufactured with a metal die. After the die has been created, it can be used to make hundreds of gaskets in the same shape. If you’re planning to order a large number of gaskets for your business, die cutting will likely save you money. For smaller orders, conversely, you can choose an alternative gasket type.

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