The Tamper-Proof Properties of Weld-On Hinges

Weld-on hinge by Monroe

All hinges are used to connect two objects while allowing for a limited angle of rotation. Gates, for instance, are typically connected to an adjacent fence with a set of hinges, and doors are connected to an adjacent frame with a set of hinges.

Some hinges require a different installation method than others, however. There are traditional screw-in screws that require the use of threaded fasteners. There are also weld-on hinges that live up to their namesake by requiring welding. You can weld these alternative hinges onto the objects with which you intend to use them.

How Weld-On Hinges Prevent Tampering

Considering that most hinges are installed with threaded fasteners, you might be wondering what benefits weld-on hinges offer. One of the main benefits of choosing weld-on hinges over traditional screw-in hinges is security. They prevent tampering so that the doors, gates or other objects with which they are used can’t be removed.

Exterior doors for commercial buildings may feature weld-on hinges for security purposes. Since they are welded, thieves and other nefarious individuals can’t remove them with a screwdriver. If you’re looking for a set of hinges to use on an exterior door — assuming the door is metal — you can’t go wrong with weld-on hinges.

Other Reasons to Consider Weld-On Hinges

Not only do they prevent tampering, but weld-on hinges are incredibly strong. They can support heavy doors and gates. Welding is a fabrication process that involves the fusion of two metal surfaces via heat. When installing weld-on hinges, you’ll melt the surface of the leafs to the respective objects. By fusing the leafs to the objects, weld-on hinges boast a superior level of strength and durability.

Weld-on hinges also require less maintenance than other types of hinges. If you choose traditional screw-in hinges, you may have to tighten the screws occasionally. Over time, the screws may loosen. Tightening the screws will ensure the hinge stays connected to the door or gate. Weld-on hinges don’t have any screws, nor do they require tightening.

Choosing Weld-On Hinges: What You Should Know

While they all use the same installation method, there are different types of weld-on hinges. Some of them are made of different materials. Among others, you can find weld-on hinges made of stainless steel and high-carbon steel materials.

Weld-on hinges are available in different finishes as well, and they are available in different sizes. These are just a few things to consider when choosing weld-on hinges.

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