What Are Cam Lift Hinges?

Cam lift hinge by Monroe

When most people think of hinges, they envision traditional door hinges consisting of two uniform leafs with an integrated knuckle in the center. Door hinges such as these are undoubtedly common, but there are other types of hinges available, such as cam lift.

Cam lift hinges are still classified as mechanical bearings, and they are still used to create a fixed angle of rotation between two objects. They feature a unique design, however, that distinguishes them from other types of hinges.

Overview Cam Lift Hinges

Cam lift hinges are heavy-duty hinges that are designed to create a tight seal. They are commonly used in refrigeration applications. Walk-in freezers and commercial refrigerators, for instance, may feature cam lift hinges. The doors to these refrigeration systems are often connected to the adjacent frames via a set of cam lift hinges.

You can’t use ordinary door hinges on refrigeration system doors. Refrigeration systems require a proper seal, which is why cam lift hinges are often used for them.

Superior Sealing

One of the defining characteristics of cam lift hinges is superior sealing. In refrigeration applications, of course, sealing is necessary to prevent the loss of cool air. If a walk-in freezer or commercial refrigerator has a leak, it will lose its cool air. Room-temperature air will enter the refrigeration system, thus displacing the cool air. The end result is higher energy costs and potentially spoiled food.

With cam lift hinges, you can create an airtight seal for refrigeration system doors. Cam lift hinges will raise the doors with which they are used. When you open a refrigeration system door, the cam lift hinges will allow it to move up slightly. When you close a refrigeration system door, the cam lift hinges will lower the door back to its original position while simultaneously creating an airtight seal.

Heavy-Duty Construction

You can rest assured knowing that cam lift hinges feature a heavy-duty construction. Refrigeration system doors, of course, are heavy. And the hinges with which they are used must be able to support their weight.

Since they are commonly used in refrigeration applications, cam lift hinges feature a heavy-duty construction. Most of them are made of steel. They feature a long, heavy-duty steel leaf that will accommodate more refrigeration system doors. Cam lift hinges are available in different sizes and styles, but most of them feature a long steel leaf.

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