What Are Refrigeration Hinges?

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Hinges are often categorized according to their intended application. Door hinges, for instance, are designed for use with doors, whereas cabinet hinges are designed for use with cabinets. Refrigeration hinges, on the other hand, are designed for use with refrigeration systems.

Overview of Refrigeration Hinges

Refrigeration hinges are heavy-duty hinges that are used with refrigerators, freezers and other refrigeration systems. Like all hinges, they are mechanical bearings that connect two objects while allowing for a limited degree of rotation between the objects. Refrigeration hinges, though, are used with refrigeration systems.

Refrigeration systems typically have a door. They consist of a walk-in space with a door. Refrigeration hinges are used to connect the door to the walk-in space. A set of refrigeration hinges will connect the door to the walk-in space while allowing for a limited degree of rotation. You can open the door by pulling it, and you can shut the door by pushing it. Refrigeration hinges are mechanical bearings that allow refrigeration system doors to open and close.

Refrigeration Hinges vs Other Hinges

Because they are used with refrigeration systems, refrigeration hinges feature a different design than most other hinges. They still feature two leafs. The leafs on refrigeration hinges, however, aren’t the same. One of the hinges is longer than the other, resulting in a T-shaped design.

With their T-shaped design, refrigeration hinges can support heavy doors. The doors used with refrigeration systems are heavier than traditional wooden doors. Therefore, they must be connected with heavy-duty hinges, such as refrigeration hinges.

Refrigeration hinges are also designed to prevent air from leaking out of refrigeration systems. Refrigeration systems are cooled. If the door isn’t completely sealed, some of this cool air may leak out of the refrigeration system. Refrigeration hinges protect against air leaks such as this by holding the door tight against the frame of the walk-in space.

Tips on Choosing Refrigeration Hinges

When choosing refrigeration hinges, you should consider the finish. Most refrigeration hinges have some type of finish. The finish, of course, is an outer layer that protects the underlying metal from corrosion and other forms of damage. Common finishes for refrigeration hinges include zinc plating, chrome plating and powder coating.

You should consider the dimensions when choosing refrigeration hinges as well. Longer refrigeration hinges are typically more supportive than their shorter counterparts. Nonetheless, you’ll need to choose refrigeration hinges that fit on the doors with which you intend to use them.

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