What Are Square Head Screws?

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The head is an important part of a screw. It determines the type of bit needed to tighten and loosen the screw. While most screws have a Phillips head, though, some of them have a square head. What are square head screws exactly?

Overview of Square Head Screws

Also known as square drive screws, square head screws are threaded fasteners that feature a square-shaped recess within the head. They still feature a threaded shank, which may or may not converge at a pointed tip. Regardless, square head screws have a square-shaped recess.

Square head screws don’t necessarily have a square-shaped head. The head is typically circular — like that of most other types of screws. They are known as “square head screws” because of their recess. The recess is the indention within the head that accommodates a bit. Whether you’re trying to tighten or loosen a screw, you’ll need to insert a bit of the appropriate shape and size into the screw’s recess.

Square Head vs Phillips Head Screws

Phillips head screws are characterized by a plus-shaped head recess. As you may know, they require the use of a Phillips head bit to tighten and loosen.

Square head screws are available in similar styles as Phillips head screws. You can find them in fully threaded and partially threaded styles. The difference is that square head screws have a square-shaped recess within the head, whereas Phillips head screws have a plus-shaped recess.

Benefits of Square Head Screws

Being that Phillips head screws are so popular, you might be wondering what benefits square head screws offer. One of the main advantages of choosing square head screws over Phillips is protection from cam-out.

Cam-out is a phenomenon in which a screw’s head slips as it’s being driven into an object. The recess within the head may deteriorate over time. As the sides of the recess begin to wear down, cam-out may occur. Square head screws are less likely to experience cam-out than Phillips head screws.

All square head screws have a square-shaped recess within the head. Therefore, you’ll have to use a square-shaped bit to tighten and loosen them. Fortunately, cam-out isn’t a concern with square head screws. They will maintain the original shape and size of their heads. This makes square head screws easy to install and remove. You don’t have to worry about the head slipping. Thanks to their square-shaped recess, the head will turn cleanly as you turn the bit.

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