What Is a Magnetic Sheet Fanner?

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If your business uses steel stock to manufacture products, you may want to invest in a magnetic sheet fanner. Steel sheets can get messy when cut and formed. They may accumulate oil or grease that causes them to stick together. Rather than separating them by hand, though, you can use a magnetic sheet fanner.

Overview of Magnetic Sheet Fanners

Also known as magnetic sheet separators, magnetic sheet fanners are magnetic devices that are designed to separate steel sheets. They generate a powerful magnetic field that separates sheets made of a ferromagnetic material, including steel. The magnetic field will essentially push each steel sheet away from the rest.

How Magnetic Sheet Fanners Work

How do magnetic sheet fanners work exactly? As previously mentioned, they generate a magnetic field. More specifically, magnetic sheet fanners induce a magnetic field of equal polarity onto the steel sheets that require separation. With the same polarity, a repelling force is created.

When run through a magnetic sheet fanner, the steel sheets will repel each other because they share the same polarity. Two objects that have a different polarity will attract each other. Two objects that have the same polarity, on the other hand, will repel each other. Magnet sheet fanners leverage the latter phenomenon to separate steel sheets.

Steel sheets are stacked alongside the magnetic sheet fanner. The magnetic sheet fanner will separate and remove the top steel sheet, after which it will remove the next steel sheet in the stack.

Benefits of Using a Magnetic Sheet Fanner

Using a magnetic sheet fanner can protect machines from damage. Steel sheets can get sticky when exposed to oil or grease. If two steel sheets are stuck together, a machine may accidentally pick up both of them, believing it’s a single steel sheet. This can result in damage to the machine that temporarily halts production.

While you can always separate steel sheets by hand, doing so is time-consuming. You’ll have to pull each steel sheet away from the others. Using a magnetic sheet fanner is faster. It will automatically separate the steel sheets.

Manually separating steel sheets by hand can also be dangerous. Steel steels often have sharp edges. Even when wearing gloves, gliding your hand along the edges of a steel sheet may result in a laceration. Rather than manually separating steel sheets, a safer solution is to use a magnetic sheet fanner. It eliminates the need for manual separation. The magnetic sheet fanner will automatically separate the steel sheets by generating a magnetic field.

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