What to Look for in a Heavy-Duty Piano Hinge

Heavy-duty piano hinge by Monroe

Piano hinges have become a popular alternative to traditional hinges. They still feature two leafs and a knuckle. A pin is placed through the center of the two leafs to secure them together. Piano hinges, however, are distinguished from other types of hinges by their long design.

Also known as continuous hinges, piano hinges are designed to run the entire length of the object on which they are installed. Instead of using two or three traditional hinges to connect a gate, for instance, you can use a single piano hinge. Below are several things to look for in a heavy-duty piano hinge.

Steel Construction

Piano hinges are available in different materials. Some of the most common materials used in their construction include aluminum and steel. For a heavy-duty piano hinge, you should look for the latter material.

Heavy-duty piano hinges, of course, are designed to support heavy loads. They are commonly used with large gates, exterior doors and other heavy objects. While aluminum piano hinges are protected against corrosion, they lack the strength of their steel counterparts. Piano hinges made of steel are stronger and, thus, able to support heavier objects.

Through Holes

You should look for through holes when choosing a heavy-duty piano hinge. Through holes will allow you to install the piano hinge with threaded fasteners, such as screws or bolts. You can drive the fasteners into these holes so that the piano hinge attaches to the underlying object.

Not all piano hinges have through holes. Some of them are designed with solid leafs that are devoid of any holes. And without holes, they require an alternative method of installation, such as welding. Piano hinges with through holes, though, are typically stronger and more secure once installed.

Military Spec Finish

Something else to look for when choosing a heavy-duty piano hinge is a miliary spec finish. Military spec finishes are those that comply with the United States defense standard.

You can find heavy-duty piano hinges with a military spec finish. With a military spec finish, you can rest assured knowing that the piano hinge won’t degrade due to environmental exposure. Most military spec finishes offer protection against moisture and its associated effects, including corrosion.

In Conclusion

Some piano hinges are stronger and more durable than others. When shopping for a heavy-duty piano hinge, there are several things you should look for. Common features of heavy-duty piano hinges include a steel construction, through holes and a military spec finish.

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