Casters Attributes

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topplate racewaybearing yoke hub wheel axelbolt brake

Caster Anatomy

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Top Plate

Plate casters feature a top plate that contains four holes used to bolt the caster to the application. Top plates can have various hole options that can match mounting requirements.

Raceway & Bearing

A swivel caster or wheel bearing's section; bearings that roll on a machined or embossed track.


Swivel or rigid caster frame. Additionally known as Fork or Rig.


Wheel hubs are typically seen in casters and are the same size on both sides. Usually, the hub extends past the center of the wheel.

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The wheel can have a solid core or be made of a variety of materials, and it can be attached to a hub made of a different material.

Axle Bolt

Axle bolt holding the wheel to the caster yoke (frame, bracket).


The Brake Can Attached On The Side Or Top Of The Yoke, And When Depressed, Stops The Wheel From Rolling.

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