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A caster is a wheeled device mounted to an object that enables easy rolling movement of the object. Casters are essentially a wheel on a mount. Casters are used in a wide variety of applications including office furniture, hospital beds, automotive factories and much more. They range in size from the small furniture casters to massive heavy-duty industrial casters that can support 50 tons.

Plate Casters- Plate casters feature a top plate that contains four holes used to bolt the caster to the application. Top plates can have various hole options that can match mounting requirements.

Stem Casters- This type caster has a stem to be used for mounting. These stems can be threaded, rounded or square.

Locking Casters- There are several devices that can be added to casters that features a brake or have caster brakes as an option. This helps to prevent the wheel from swiveling or rotating.

Hollow Kingpin Casters- This type of caster has no stem but has an opening for a bolt. Great option if you can't find a caster with the thread size that is required.

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An omni wheel can change direction without the wheel turning as the rollers mounted around the periphery enable rotation in both the primary and secondary direction simultaneously, enabling the wheel to move in every direction.

    A rotacaster wheel with red arrows displaying its movement capabilities in different directions

Caster Blog Articles

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Choosing the Right Wheel Bearing for Casters

You can’t ignore the bearing type when choosing casters. Whether stem or top plate, all casters have a bearing. The bearing is the assembly that connects the wheel to the axle. Without a bearing, there wouldn’t be anything to hold … Read More

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